Simon Parkin

Simon Parkin

Assistant Professor

TU Delft


Simon is an Assistant Professor in the TPM Cybersecurity group, specialising in human-centred security - usability and perceptions of security-related technologies, security behaviour change, security economics, and decision-making in security management. Before joining TU Delft, Simon was a Senior Research Fellow at UCL, 2012-2020. Simon completed his PhD at Newcastle University in 2007, and was a Research Associate through to 2011 and member of the Innovation Team at HP ESS until mid-2012.

Simon’s current research examines how stakeholders in security and privacy can identify and limit unintended harms to users in technology, support, and policy decision-making (eCrime 2019, STAST 2020). Research also continues into the use of both security and behavioural economics to address gaps in user support within organisational settings (STAST 2019), and usability challenges of shared consumer IoT environments (NSPW 2019). Simon represents TU Delft in the LDE Cyber Security consortium.