Lokke Moerel

Lokke Moerel

Full Professor

Tilburg University


Prof.dr.mr. Moerel is a renowned global expert on the regulatory governance of new technologies, which she combines with extensive practical assistance of global firms on designing their strategic global cyber security management and preparedness as well as coordinating their global incident response teams. She is regularly consulted by governments on how to best regulate cyber security (recently by the Israeli government on their draft cyber act) and chaired the commission of the Dutch Cyber Security Council (CSC), responsible for drafting the CSR guidance on the cyber duty of care of companies (and related liabilities due to negligent patching practices), as well as the White Paper “White Paper - Towards harmonized duties of care and diligence in cyber security”, which served as the basis for the discussions (in which she participated on behalf of the Dutch government) at the European High Level Conference on Cybersecurity in 2016. On behalf of the European Commission she reviewed the governance aspects of the cyber research proposals under the Horizon 2020 Innovation Program.