Please Welcome Lisa Rooij

Lisa Rooij, PhD at Tilburg University’s Institute for Law, Technology and Society, has joined the THESEUS project as a legal researcher. She works alongside Lokke Moerel to investigate existing legal frameworks and regulatory governance mechanisms on cyber security and patch management. From September 2022, Lisa has been assessing this framework and comparing different facets of the regulatory patching environment to ultimately deliver concrete legislative and governance recommendations to both regulators and stakeholders to incentivize improved patching practices pre-liability.

Lisa has a strong background in Information, Technology and Law, having completed her Master’s degree in this field with honors at the University of Edinburgh. Here, she did extensive research on dark patterns in cookie design and the legal challenges of IT. Prior to this, Lisa has also completed a degree in Commercial International & European Law, and spent some time working at an international court to remake the data protection framework from the ground up. Lisa has a strong passion for law and society, having undertaken multiple years of volunteering work on both elections and debating mentoring. We look forward to having her on board the THESEUS project!